First in Aviation Record

Ruth Wilson holds a World First in Aviation Record.

20 December 1989 World First in Aviation 

First night parachute drop at Bex Hill NSW Australia by Ron Llewellyn from a hot air balloon (VH-JLX) owned and piloted by Ruth E. Wilson. 


World Records

Steve Griffin is the only current Australian World Record Holder. 
Australia's first ballooning World Record Holder was Paul Gianniotis. His AX4-5 distance record is still the current Australian Class Record.


AM Mixed Balloons (Rozier)

Altitude Past holders were:
AM8 6,657 m (21,840 ft) R H (Dick) Smith 18 Jun 1993
AM9-15 7,199 m (23,619 ft) Phil Kavanagh & Brian Smith 03 Jun 1993
AM8-15 7,923 m ( 25,994 ft) Steve Griffin 08 Jun 1994

NOTE: Although these records no longer stand as world records Steve Griffin's is the current Australian Record for AM Altitude.


Australian Records



AX2-3 3,235m (10,614 ft) Steven Griffin 05 Feb 2004
AX4-5 4,660.02m (15,289 ft) Ronald Kent 26 Sept 2021
AX6-8 9,255m (30,364ft) Ron W Taaffe 10 Sep 1978
AX9-10 9,437m (30,961ft) Steven Griffin 08 July 1999
AX11-15 11,533m (37,839 feet) John Wallington & Sean Kavanagh 24 July 2008


AX1 5km Steven Griffin 05 Feb 2004
AX2-3 47.237km Steven Griffin 05 Feb 2004
AX4 154.68km Paul Gianniotis 16 Aug 1980
AX5 168.7km Ronald Kent 10 Jul 2011
AX6 378.8km Ronald Kent 19 Jul 2018
AX7-AX15 385.11km Kiff Saunders 11 Jul 2019


AX1 0h 18m 00s Steven Griffin 02 Feb 2004
AX2-5 4h 39m 50s Steven Griffin 11 Feb 2004
AX6 6h 28m Ronald Kent 24 Aug 2018
AX7-11 9h 03m Ronald Kent 29 Aug 2018
AX12 15h 03m Geoff Tetlow 27 Sep 1982


AX Female Australian Records

AX7 7,228m (23,714 ft) Scarlett Saunders 04 Jul 2019


AM Mixed Balloons (Rozier)

AM8 -15 7923m (25,994 ft) Steven Griffin 08 Jun 1994



Altitude, Distance & Duration (Previously a world record)
BX 1-10 318m
Steven Griffin 19 Sept 2006