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Northam Aero Club - The first 50 years

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 Northam Aero Club - The first 50 years
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Northam Aero Club - The first 50 years

A dirt strip in country Western Australia. Four young men desperately want to learn to fly an airplane. 

They take on the challenge to make their dreams reality and win. But not without struggle not the least the lack of finances. How will they do it? 

You will meet these characters and many more through the fifty-year history of the Northam Aero Club. 

And you will meet Pam the lamb and Bassey the cat who lived on the burgeoning airfield with their favourite pilot in his hangar. 

This Club now provides the Northam township and surrounding areas with an airfield utilised by its members as well as the Flying Doctor Service, Air Ambulance, fire fighting aircraft and those who check regional power lines. 

This is a story that acknowledges volunteers born with heart to give and applauds men and women who use the sky for their playground.