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Event group unit hire of Balloon Live Sensors

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 Event group unit hire of Balloon Live Sensors
Normal Price:$500.00 per 1
Delivery Price:$50.00 per 1
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Hire of all ABF Balloon Live Sensor units for a period of one event. 

The hire fee for all of the units is $500. 

The secure box of loggers must be returned via registered post to the provided ABF address at the expense of the person hiring the unit, or returned to the designated ABF event representative at the conclusion of the event (if this option is available). 

How man units in the kit?

The ABF has 25 BLS units in the kit.  They are in a hard case for easy storage and transport.

Some units may be on hire to individual ABF memebrs so the total numebr of untis avaialble may be less.  These rental units can be recalled if needed so please discuss your requirements.



Selecte standard postage for $50 express post or courier within Australia to you.   Does not include return postage.

Select pick up if delivery to the event or collection has been arranged in advance. 

Terms and Conditions

Damage or loss will be at the expense of the event renting the units.  Replacement costs are expected to be in excess of $800 per unit.

Insurance is not offered by the ABF.