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7PM 2nd Thursday of each Month   Balloon Association of Victoria Club Meetings (Melbourne, VIC)  

Grandview Hotel, 429 Heidelberg Rd (corner of Station Street), Farfield, VIC
19 - 22 October   AirVenture Australia at Narromine (Balloonists invited)  

AirVenture Australia Contact information


AirVenture Australia web site

21 November   Montgolfier Day (International)  

Celebration of the first hot air balloon flight in 1783.


History of Ballooning



26 January

   Australia Day Balloon Ascension at Parramatta Park (Parramatta, NSW)    To be advised.

7 - 11 August

  Women's World Hot Air Balloon Championship (Naleczow, Poland)   To be advised    

18 - 25 August

  World Hot Air Balloon Championship (Gross-Seigharts, Austria)   To be advised.    



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